Elementary Education

So many Filipino children spend their days out in the streets begging for alms instead of being in school. This is because majority of Filipinos live below poverty line, where education is a luxury they can ill afford.

Yet these children badly need sponsors to send them to school. They need to be given the opportunity to develop their talents, so that they can someday rise above their current circumstances for a better future.

Since we cannot help all Filipino children graduating from pre-school, your donations will be used to sponsor those who graduate with honors but do not have the means to proceed to elementary school. This is to ensure that the recipient is a diligent child who will make the most of your donation.


  • $150.00 for 1 year  in elementary school
  • $300.00 for 2 years in elementary school
  • $450.00 for 3 years in elementary school
  • $600.00 for 4 years in elementary school
  • $750.00 for 5 years in elementary school
  • $900.00 for 6 years in elementary school
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Minimum: $150.00

Certificate of DonationAfter making your donation, we will send you via e-mail your certificate of donation. The certificate will be in ready-to-print format, either for your own display or to give as a gift. Donations also make meaningful gifts suited to any occasion, and your relative or friend will appreciate your making a donation on his/her behalf.